Q: How do I get a quote?
A: Please call our customer service department at 770.645.1837 for an estimate or complete the online estimate request form. Airline shipping charges are based on the dimensions of the crate, your pet’s weight, city of origin and destination. The more thorough information we have, the more accurate your estimate will be.

Q:   Where does my pet travel on the aircraft?
A:  Pets are kept in a temperature controlled, pressured area in the lower level of the aircraft.  The temperature is maintained between 68 – 72 degrees and the pets are breathing the same air as the passengers.

Q: Which airlines do you work with?
 A: We work with most commercial airlines and when several are available to your final destination, we will generate estimates on each available airline to find the best price and routing for your pet.

Q: What size kennel do I need?
 A: The Animal Welfare Act states that your pet be able to sit, stand and turn-around in its crate and have a minimum of 3 inches above the head when standing in a regular position.   Some airlines have more stingent measurement requirements and Pet Air Carrier will assist you with choosing the appropriate size crate for your pet’s travel.  We can also assist you with acclimating your pet to its carrier to ensure he is well adjusted and comfortable during his journey.  For larger pets or restricted breeds, we can coordinate the construction of a custom crate.

Q: What documentation do I need?
A: Based on the final destination, there could be anywhere from 2 – 15 different documents needed.  We track the import requirements for over 85 countries and will work with you and your vet to ensure that you are aware of and obtain of all required documents to ensure entry at your final destination.

Q: What is a “Known Shipper”?
A: Due to security regulations implemented by the TSA, all international cargo on passenger planes must be sent from “known shippers.”  Pet Air Carrier is a known shipper and able to book cargo on your behalf .  Although using a third party shipper is more costly, it is generally required for international cargo shipments and provides a more secure trip for your pet.

Q: Can I rent a shipping crate?
A: No.  Travel carriers are relatively inexpensive because air cargo is based on the crate size, it would be nearly the same cost to pay to return the crate. Crates can be purchased at a local pet store, ordered online or we can  drop ship one to you.

Q: Who pays the customs clearance fees for international shipments?
A:  The receiver of the animal must pay the clearance fees as those fees are local governmental fees and we are not able to include them in the US based charges when an individual picks up the pet.

Q:  What is my pet needs to travel before me and I don’t have anyone to collect the pet at the final destination?
A:  We can arrange for custom clearance when applicable, pick up and boarding or delivery of your pet at most destinations using other agents

Q:  Should I leave a collar on my pet during travel?
A:  Yes, but a collar which buckles with a flat ID is best.  Do not leave a choke chain collar on your pet, it could cause serious injury during the  trip. The ID should always include a valid phone number. A leash should always be brought to cargo when picking up your pet.

Q:  What type of permanent identification is required for travel?
A:  A microchip is currently the most accepted global standard for permanent animal identification. Many European countries require micro chipping, and the inserted microchip must be ISO compatible (typically 15 digits) and implanted prior to the rabies vaccine. Be sure to register the microchip after insertion and update your contact information when the pet departs for its final destination.  Tattoos are no longer accepted in the EU as identification if tattooed after July 1, 2011.