We are a pet shipping company and do not sell pets.  Nor do we or other Pet Shippers require payment be made by Western Union  Legitimate pet shippers will take credit cards as the primary payment method but can accept other payment options as the request of the client.

Scammers have copied our logo and parts of the web site in an effort to appear legitimate.  The following list are items that should raise a red flag about the legitimacy of a pet shipment and you should do further research before making payment.

The following is a scam alert published by IPATA of known scammers – ipata.org/pet-scams/

Just because the individual is not listed on this listing, does not mean it is not a scam.

  • You are solicited by an email about a pet – most of the emails use various fonts, colors & the English may not be good – Pet Shippers do not solicit business about a particular pet via email; the shipper or the receiver may contact us and we will be in touch with each party with transportation information.
  • The scammer wants you to use Western Union to pay, most request you wire to Cameroon or some other African country but of late, some are in the USA
  • The pet is usually a puppy, kitten or bird and most have a sad story attached to them
  • If it is an English Bulldog and being shipped within the USA it is definitely a scam, there are no American based airlines taking English Bulldogs at this time
  • If they claim to be an IPATA member, click here to get contact information and call the company directly to confirm the validity of a shipment BEFORE sending any money
  • If you have sent money already and are contacted in process about additional funds for insurance or thermal crates, you are into a scam and should not send additional funds

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is – Be Careful and look locally for a rescue puppy or visit www.akc.org to find legitimate breeders in the US.