What about bedding?

High sided beds such as this are not permitted for security reasons

We recommend a solid piece of cardboard cut to fit snugly in the bottom of the kennel to help prevent sliding in the crate. As long as your pet does not eat paper, it is best to cover the cardboard with lots of shredded copy paper. This also helps to reduce sliding, gives your pet a place to hunker down in and feel secure and will also pull any urine away from the pet should an accident occur. If you are unsure if your pet will eat paper, don’t chance it – you may also place a soft lose sided bed, blanket or towel in the crate.

Tip: Personally handle a sock, tee shirt or other personal item for a few days and include this item in the crate – the familiar scent can help reduce stress.

Flat beds or a pillow such as this are permitted in the crate
Crate with shredded paper
Pet shipping crate with flat bed