How to Measure your Pet

Airlines are very particular about shipping crate size, so please measure carefully to avoid being turned away at cargo.

Height – Crate is tall enough for pet to stand with three inch clearance above the head.
Width – Pet can turn around comfortably.
Length – Pet can lie down in a natural position with front legs extended.

I am too big for this crate and need a size larger to be accepted by the airline

Length Measurement

– Measure the length of your pet when standing from the base of his tail to the tip of his nose.
– Measure front leg from floor to elbow.
– Add 1/2 of this measurement to length of pet to determine the total length of crate.

Height Measurement

Measure the height of your pet when standing in a relaxed position with muzzle parallel to the ground, from the floor to the highest point on the head (including ears).  Add 3 inches to measurement to determine crate height.

Note if your pet will fit in an XL or Giant crate length wise but does not meet the 3 inch clearance regulation on height, talk to us about adding an extender vs. going to the next size crate which increases the airfare charges.