Jim and Carolyn, London UK

A testimonial to the wonderful service provided by Pet Air Carrier:

My husband and I hired Pet Air Carrier to facilitate the move of our two pups, Lucky and Willy from Chicago to London. Lucky is a Bichon-Frise and Willy is an Australian Silver-Haired Yorkie. They were scheduled to move four months after our arrival to London as we began the quarantine process a bit late.

Janice was our main contact at Pet Air Carrier and she handled the move seamlessly. We made her job more difficult as we had two different vets and the pups were staying with their “grandparents”. Needless to say, Janice communicated everything to us on almost a daily basis and everyone involved felt highly confident things were being taken care of throughout the entire process.

Because the UK is rabies-free, we needed to have the documentation traveling with them filled out exactly to the UK specifications, with NO mistakes, and Janice ensured that all the paperwork coming from each vet’s office was perfect.

The packing instructions were given so specifically to my mother-in-law and the boys arrived in great form and were extremely comfortable. We were so happy!

I could not recommend a more reliable pet travel company than Pet Air Carrier. Honestly, we just left everything to them and they took care of everything.

Many thanks from London!